You may be lost in more ways than one, but I’ve a feeling that it’s more fun than knowing exactly where you are.

All you need in life is some good music, and baseball. 

All you need in life is some good music, and baseball. 

Song of the Day November 13, 2013: 

Twin Shadow - Old Love / New Love

"What am I suppose to say? An old love called me yesterday”

Top 10 Artists on the Rise

10. Thick as Thieves 

The 6 member LA band has already opened for artists such as Imagine Dragons, Sean Kingston, Matt & Kim, and Young the Giant. Their unique music style makes them stand out from other indie artists and be on the lookout for a new release this fall.

9. Aer

I first saw these guys in concert junior year of high school when they opened for Hoodie Allen. Great beats. Great vibes. Check them out

8. Chance the Rapper

His new mixtape “Acid Rap” was just released this spring and is not available on iTunes, but you can download it for free with this link:

7. The Neighborhood

You’ve probably heard of their song “Sweater Weather” which came out in 2012, but is now finally being seen on iTunes Top 100.

6. New Politics

Another band finally being recognized on iTunes due to their single “Harlem”, their pop/rock, upbeat style and catchy lyrics are a surefire reason they should be noticed soon.

5. The Colourist

You’ve probably heard their song “Little Games” on the AT&T Nokia Lumia commercial, but its one of those songs that will get stuck in your head and you’ll catch yourself humming it down the street. They were also featured on iTunes “Single of the Week” a few months ago.

4. Carousel 

These guys have been on my radar for over a year now so its only a matter of time before they gain some more popularity. Their new single “Another Day” is available for a free download on their website so its definitely worth checking out.

3. Smallpools

Hands down my favorite new band on the music scene in 2013. I could listen to these guys all day and never get sick of them. They’re on tour now in the US so I highly recommend going out to see them. It’ll pay off when they go mainstream and you can say you saw them first.

2. Birdy

Surprise Surprise! Birdy is on my top 3. This girl is beyond talented and is already peeking in the mainstream music industry. I give it 2 months before she’s in the top 10 of iTunes Top 100 Singles. When I first heard the UK native in her cover “Skinny Love” I was in disbelief that she was merely 17 years old. She’s almost a pop star and she’s not even 18 yet. What am I doing with my life?

1. Netherfriends

This one-man-band from Chicago has potential. His new project “50 Songs 50 States” took some dedication and he deserves some recognition for it. “50 Songs 50 States” took an entire year to perfect and he performed a show in every single state in the US from April 2010-2011. That’s pretty impressive for a new artist with a very small fan base. Hopefully his hard work pays off in the long run and he sees the limelight soon. 

"I’m living my dreams until the day I die. Well, its easy to dream when you’re always high"

Love all. Serve all. And create no sorrow.

Trevor Hall

Song of the Day November 12, 2013

Birdy - Shine

For anyone who knows me and asks for recommendations for new music my first response is always Birdy. With her breathtaking voice and brilliant lyrics, it’s hard not to enjoy her music. Although it is a bit soft and slow, it’s the perfect thing to listen to after a long day at work or school. Unlike many songs on the radio today her lyrics actually mean something and hit something on the inside I haven’t felt when I listen to other music. She also covers a few songs including "1901" by Phoenix, "Young Blood" by The Naked And Famous (one of my personal favorites) and her most famous, Bon Iver’s "Skinny Love"

I wish I could post every one of her songs and choosing just one is practically impossible but I think the lyrics to this one the deciding factor. So many gold lyric tweets.

"If the world gets you down don’t be afraid to wrestle it. You have your whole life ahead of you, come make a mess of it."

(Source: Spotify)